My brain is in English today

By Chris Bunny
Ok ok. Taking off all the spider nets here *blowing*

I'm here again and today I changed. My brain is in English. Suddenly, but in English. I decided to solve my problems about my fluency, so I'm sorry for the future mistakes.

I also decided to change my blog. A long time ago, I had a blog with short stories and tales, as interesting as the famous blogs that were on Blogger top. I posted in many of them with my friends but my groups had short carreer.

Here, my blog is a cosplayer blog, but I prefer to transform it to my personnal blog, to improve my writing. So, more than cosplay, you read about me, my life..(or not. i don't know if anyone reads this)

One of the subjects today! Yes, my fotolog is with the same theme, but here i'll say about the site. I'm building my library and posted in my journal. I don't know why I suddenly desired to write too much, but ok.

I rescued many songs that take part of my teenage. Boybands, my rebel time when I changed to rock and use black all the time listening rock bands. I liked it. So, my library is being the best, the ONE!

Talking about songs, I remembered of the bands that I added today - Placebo and Muse. These bands to me is the same of my night in Emporium - Ipanema. I had funny nights there. Caipivodka, beer, dance and smile...It's heaven!!! *laugh* the coolest part of single life.

Now, about cosplay. I don't know it for months!!! I concentrated all my life to my prefessional development and I let it in second priority. I missed it so much, I confess. But I have good news: I'll have new cosplays and I put my focus to OCB Zero, because I want my Havalina's minister gorgeous! So, I'll spent with many wigs o.o, because the fabric i think it's the cheapest on my next cosplays. OMG, the boots! Why too many boots T_T

Ok, I'm tired. It's 2:35 am and I still here, my ass is hurting to be sit down for a long time.

That's all folks!!!

P.S. = Happy Anniversary, CR.

Me (as Esmeralda) and Eizo Sakamoto xD..It's a long history!!!

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  1. Fred 30 de agosto de 2008 22:55
    If you practice enough, you'll think in English quite naturally \o\

    And rules *o*

  2. Suna Bianca Mansur 30 de agosto de 2008 22:57
    Falar português vai bem hein ¬¬''

    *puta preguiça para ler*

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